What’s special about this book?

If I Had a Purple Horse may become a new classic...and you can own the first edition! Sit down with your child or grandchild and read poems about a partying fish, a green cow, a pet camel, and plaid clouds. There are also poems about such everyday things as a fountain in a pond, stairs and escalators, and an ice-cream truck. Through it all, there’s the innocence of childhood with such lines as these:

Today’s my fish’s birthday.
I just decided it.
We’ll party in a fishy way
And then we’ll play a bit.

Or these:

I have a little humming bird.

He hums the best you ever heard.

He hums with sharps, he hums with flats,

He hums with chords--just think of that!


There are also a couple of useful lessons, but mostly there’s the fun of words and pictures and imagination.


The book is 32 pages, including the covers, all in color on extra-heavy, glossy paper for durability. Size 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches (about 21.6 cm x 14 cm).

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If I Had a Purple Horse

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